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In 2015, we linked up with The Pony Club to become a Pony Club Centre. This means we can offer Pony Club tests and achievement badges through a club atmosphere and also hold fun events such as Club Camp and a Christmas party!

To join The Pony Club, all you need to do is complete an application form and pay an annual subscription to The Pony Club of £28 (ask at the office desk). If you wish, you can buy one of our blue branded t-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies for your child to wear when they come to their sessions. We also sell drawstring bags for their riding clobber.

Below are summaries of the Pony Club events we hold over the school holidays. Please also look out for updates on the office noticeboard, on our blog and our Facebook page.

Club Evenings
We hold our Pony Club Evenings once a month on a Monday. This is split into two sessions for our younger and older members. These sessions work towards the non-riding achievement badges in a fun and social atmosphere. They usually run for one and a half hours and cost £8 per session, including badges, please check the office for latest times and prices.

Club Rallies
Rallies are held during the school holidays where we work towards the Pony Club Efficiency Tests and the Progressive Tests including both Horsemanship and Riding and Road Sense sections. They usually run from 11am to 3pm and cost £40 per session, including badges, please check the office for latest times and prices.

Club Camp
During the summer holidays, we hold our Pony Camps. There are two camp dates available for our younger and older members (please ask the office). Places are limited and children need to be regular and competent riders as we go for  all-day rides. On successful completion, they will also obtain the Camping badge! The camp is usually run over a weekend – one full day, one night and up to lunchtime the following day, the cost varies, please ask us for latest prices.

We also have lots of events available for our non-Pony Club members too, as well as our usual riding lessons – so there’s always something for everyone!